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AOLEmu Announces

October 26, 2020: Lots of fixes have been done, thanks for all the bug reports! We've been featured on Season 1 Episode 6 of Netflix's show HIGH SCORE. Check the episode out!

September 2, 2019: GitHub releases are now automatic. Every new push to the repo is compiled under the nightly tag. Also, favorites have been added!

February 19, 2019: Version 0.0.3 has released, we call it "Chatrooms!" as it brings chatroom and instant messenger services. This is an IRC 3rd party library we utilized on the Snoonet IRC network.

January 15, 2019: Version 0.0.2 is out and we call it "You've Got Mail!", as it brings basic email services.

November 26, 2018: A pre-release version (v0.0.1) has been compiled and released. It's got some bugs, but you can browse websites and the UI is remenant of v4.0

October 22, 2018: Development has started! AOLEmu is built in C# (minimum .NET Framework v4.6.1) with CEFSharp (web browser), SQLite (data management), MailKit (email services) and SimpleIRCLib (chatroom and IM services). More or less 3rd party libraries may be included/removed as we progress.

Other 3rd Party Sites

GitHub - If you're a programmer, you need this free GIT source control service.

Phoenix - A great reverse engineered AIM emulation service.

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